Welcome to The Fine Art Fund Group

The Fine Art Fund Group (The Group) is the market leading art investment and advisory house. The Group offers bespoke financial vehicles and accounts, independent art consultancy, and acts as a third party expert to major banks around the world. With assets under contract in excess of $200mn, and investors in 23 countries.* The Group caters for institutional and private clients seeking to purchase or dispose of blue-chip artworks.

Key Facts About The Fine Art Fund Group

Established:  London, 2001

Global Market Leaders: The largest and first art advisory house of its kind worldwide, with expertise and representation in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The Team: A Team of 40 art and financial professionals holding a combined total of approximately 300 years’ of art experience and over 150 years’ of financial expertise.

Chief Executive: Philip Hoffman

Director of Art Investment: Morgan Long

The Funds’ Board: Lord Grey Gowrie, Charles Dupplin, Bruno Schroder 

Assets under contract: Exceeds $200 million

*As at June 2013